Aerial Photography & Videography Services

Whether you are a filmmaker, realtor, home builder, wedding photographer/videographer or someone planning a special event or adventure, Seabird Aerial Works can add quality and value to your project through professional aerial imagery. We combine our experience in remote piloting and visual arts to achieve buttery smooth cinematic motion in our videos, dynamic range in our photos and professional quality in our productions. All of our imagery is captured by an FAA certified remote pilot.


Commercial Footage & Photos

We are happy to add value to your photo or video project by offering aerial images and footage to filmmakers, performers, photographers and artists.

Real Estate

Aerial imagery adds an attractive dynamic to your listing that will help it stand out among the others. We plan and execute unique aerial footage and photos that showcase the home and make viewers want to come by and see it for themselves. 


We provide aerial photographs and/or videos of every stage of your construction project, from planning to completion. Whether you need a weekly snapshot from a few key angles or a short video to highlight your most recent masterpiece, aerial imagery can help you track and share your progress.

Private Events & Adventures

Looking for that perfect overhead group shot at your wedding? How about a few photos of the local scenery from up above? Got a special adventure you'd like captured via aerial photography or video? We've got you covered.